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Team Development Goals

2015/6 (highlighted through survey responses)
1. New coach transition into the programme
2. Develop parental support systems to ensure more parents can get involved
3. Increase stroke efficiency in all four strokes in the water
4. Improve opportunities for students to experience other aquatic pursuits.

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Team Development Goals

Development Goals 2014-15 (highlighted through survey responses)

1. Improve team portal as a simpler tool for parents and swimmers
2. Recognition of system for practice/incentives other than swimmer of the month
3. Identification of core meets (particularly for lower school swimmer) and optional meets
4. Improving team communication/email through team portal

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Survey Responses 2014/15

Q1.How satisfied with the SCIS Swim Program?

12.5% Extremely Satisfied

75% Very Satisfied

12.5% Satisfied

Q2.Involvement in the programs

Respondents had children in all areas of the aquatics program.

Q3.Things that you were pleased with in 2014/5

Able to attend meets and compete with other international schools

Local meets such as the Turkey Trot event

Extremely positive and nurturing coaching staff

Knowledgeable and structured coaching sessions.Very happy with the work in the water.

My kids love the program and all the opportunities they have to practice. We have been amazed in their improvement!!!

Team spirit, travel meets

Our coaches and their never ending patience with our swimmers, our home meets, training and travel meets.

The team atmosphere. The swimmers really enjoy being together and being with the coaches. The progress some of the swimmers had during the season. The meets, at home and travel.

Team spirit, good job from coaches, early morning sessions (while they lasted).

Very engaging. Like the cross age group interaction.

Q4.Information from the team

75% have difficulty accessing the team portal, vs. 25% do not

25% have difficulty accessing the newsletter, vs. 75% do not

41% have difficulty accessing information from team parents vs. 59% do not

72% have difficulty accessing information from their swimmer, vs. 28% do not

Q5.How useful is the team website and newsletter

Website – 30% Very useful, 70% useful

Newsletter – 44% Very useful, 56% useful

Q6.How satisfied are you with your child’s development in the water?

Very satisfied 50%

Somewhat satisfied 37.50%

Satisfied 12.5%

Q7.What are your feelings regarding the meets/travel opportunities? (% of respondents chose)

81.25%The number and selection of meets is appropriate

6.25% Not enough meets

43.75% Good standard of competition at meets

Q8.Volume of weekly practices

Most respondents answered that volume was acceptable during the week.

Lower school parents would like additional sessions for lower school swimmers.

Problem for swimmers without drivers to get to morning practices

Several parents requested weekend swim sessions.

Several parents requested morning practices to resume once again next year.

Q9.Communication through various means to the community

Team events – 56% very effective/37.5 Somewhat/6% Not effective

Sign Ups for meets – 43% very effective/50% somewhat effective/6% not effective

Policy and procedures – 56% very effective/37% somewhat effective/6% not effective

Changes to practice times – 56%/43%

Updates via social media – 33% effective/50% somewhat effective/16% ineffective

Updates on swim website – 28% effective/71% somewhat effective

Ordering swim wear and materials – 42% effective/50% somewhat effective/7% ineffective

Open Responses:

Calendar area of the newsletter for upcoming information

More timely information regarding meets(*this is not always possible due to factors outside of the team's control)

Not enough focus put on swimmers to take advantage of the meets to do their best and improve PB. 

More animated responses on poolside from coaches during meets cheering on swimmers as they swim.

Attention needed on breast stroke technique at intermediate level.

More additional reminders to sign up. Parents are busy; some are very busy with volunteering in other areas and will miss things.

Parents request more information and more reminders. Often I have not been able to find specific info on the website or in the monthly newsletters.  

Chaperones at meets should be more visible and should do more things to assist with logistics at the meet

A recap meeting with parents about rules and policies might be needed some time mid season, as it seems many parents are not familiar with the rules of the school or the swim team.

Clearer communication in terms of upcoming dates

Travel meet coordination for swimmers and parents needs to be improved. 

Clarity regarding non-swimming teacher chaperones

Logistical support for non-coaching related tasks.

Student survey

Student survey was completed from swimmers across all levels of the program with varying levels of years in swimming

Team adjectives ( from strongly agree to strongly disagree)

Lots of team spirit 75%/25%/0/0

Competitive 37%/37%/25%/0

Hard Working 50%/37%/12%/0


Welcoming 87%/13%/0/0


Practice number and length

87% felt team practices were the right number and the right length

13% felt that there were the right number but they were too long

Team events (ranked from great, so so or not very good)

Turkey trot (%)87/13/0

Home meets (%) 100/0/0

Away meets (%) 62/25/12(25 – too long12 – too few)

Overseas meets (%) 62/12/12/12(12- too young/12 more/12 don’t want overseas)

KTV/BigE )(%) 66/16/16 (16 – did not enjoy/16 – more often)

Senior Night (%) 75/0/0

ACAMIS/SSL (%) 100/0/0

Team clothing

Quality – 75% Good 25% Fair

Variety – 50% Good; 37% Fair; 12 Poor

Price – 37% Good; 62% Fair

What could we do better?

Morning practices

Championship meets – need more of them

What are some lasting memories of being a Green Dragon this year?

Getting a ribbon for winning a heat

I've loved going to Phuket, I had such a fun time as a team and we got to bond really well!

It was very fun durning the practice every day and we have lots of fun in every swim meet. Hope school will never end so we can have more time together. I LOVE GREEN DRAGON !

I really liked ACAMIS,because all of our senior team really got to know each other and bonded with other teams together, so we would sit in a circle with a bunch of other teams an just talk and laugh

ACAMIS and Thanyapura because we became much closer

Going to Nan-Jing.

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