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2019-2020 New Registration form

Please complete the registration form as fully as possible so that we can have the appropriate details on file for your swimmer.  Please let Coach Tarsi know if you have any specific questions.  Please select any of the states for the home address - it does not matter.

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Team Acceptance

SCIS Pudong is a non-selective swimming program open to students currently enrolled in educational programs at SCIS. Students must be at least grade 3 (7 years old) to participate in programs. As a competitive swim program, students must attend all home meets and at least one other meet throughout the whole swim year. Students must try to make two practices per week to keep improving in their skills. Coaches have final say on whether new swimmers meet criteria for joining, based on their current swimming ability. This is not a learn to swim program.

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Parent Acceptance

At SCIS Pudong, we value our kids and our parents, and we are one very large and generally very happy Green Dragon family. Our parents are a part of the success of our team.  We kindly remind parents of the following 10 important aspects of being a swimming parent:

1. Remember that swimming is your child's activity.  Improvements and progress occur at different rates for each individual. 

2. There is only one question to ask your child after a practice or a competition - "Did you have fun?" 

3. The coach is there to coach.  You are involved in one of the few youth sports programs that offer professional coaching, do not undermine the professional coach by trying to coach your child on the side.  Please do not place additional pressure on the kids by arranging private coaching - this can sometimes be detrimental to the swimmer.  Please discuss this with the coaching staff.

4. Please have only positive things to say at a swimming meet. If you are going to show up at a swimming meet, you should be encouraging, but never criticize your child or the coach.

5. All competitors get scared sometimes. A first swimming meet, 400 free or 200 IM or even 100 backstroke can be a stressful situation. It is totally appropriate for your child to be scared.

6. Please do not criticise the officials. If you do not care to devote the time or do not have the desire to volunteer as an official, don't criticise those who are doing the best they can. 

7. Honour your child's coach. The bond between coach and swimmer is a special one, and one that contributes to your child's success as well as fun. 

8. Support the Green Dragon's as a loud and proud cheerleader for the team.

9. Winning is not the most important goal. Most successful swimmers are those who have learned to focus on the process and not the outcome. 

10.We are not expecting your child to become an Olympian - neither should you.

Only 2% of the swimmers listed in the 10 & Under age group make it to the Top 100 in the 17-18 age group and of those only a small percentage will become elite level, world class athletes. There are only 52 spots available for the Olympic Team every four years. Your child's odds of becoming an Olympian are about .0002%.

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Parent Role

As an integral part of the team behind the team, parents are required to contribute to the success of the program, through volunteering at meets, providing skilled assistance and/or through donations of food or beverages for our concessions.  All parents on the team are required to volunteer in some capacity throughout the year.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the team policies and procedures as published on the team website.  Please consult the website and forward any questions to Coach Tarsi about any policy you are unsure about.  Changes in policies will be communicated to the entire swim community through the newsletters and team website.

There is no bus monitor on any upper school ASA bus.

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Our team events and activities must be supported by members of the team.  As such, all SCIS Dragon parents are required to volunteer in some capacity over the course of the year.  This can take the form of:

1.  Event set-up/Breakdown 

2.  Event coordination and management tasks

Every family is required to provide one volunteer for home swim meets to our volunteer coordinator (it will be the name listed on this form) and will be assigned responsibilities as needed on the day of the meet.  If that family member who has committed to volunteering cannot make it, the family is responsible for finding a suitable replacement. Committee chairs and event coordinators are exempt from the family member rule.  Please note that donations, while graciously received do not constitute the replacement of meet duties.

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