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Program Overview

General Program Aims
1.To encourage a lifelong involvement in the sport of swimming & aquatic programs
2.To model perseverance and hard work in achieving personal goals
3.To train efficient swimmers who demonstrate a high level of technical accuracy and fitness
4.To support the development of all student-athletes at SCIS

Competitive Swimming Program
Program Structure
•Early focus on conditioning and stroke work
•Later focus on speed and preparation for competition
•Differentiated practices for more and less able competitors
•Non-selective criteria for training and most* meets
•Daily practices
•Dry-land Training offered for both Junior and Senior Swimmers
•Regular meets both small and large
•Individualized video analysis work on poolside using camera and Ipad

General Expectations of Swimmers
•Competitive Program: competitions used to judge performance towards goals
•Attend meets
•Attendance at practice: minimum of 2 per week
•Team Spirit: Sit with team at meets and encourage team mates
•Respect: Respect to coaching staff and SCIS

Expectations of Coaching Staff & Junior Coaches
•Preparedness for practice
•Attendance at meets
•Personalized feedback during meets and practice
•Respect towards student athletes and their families
•Maintain a positive image and role model for students

Expectations of Parents
•Leave the coaching to the coaches
•Attendance at meets as a cheerleader for your kids
•Assistance with timing/duties at meets
•Respect towards all student athletes and their families
•Encourage student participation and positive communication with coaching staff

Green Team 1 (Competitive) Green Team 2 (Intermediate) (Lower School)

This is the Lower School team for grades 3-5, age groups 7-11. Both Green Teams will develop general stroke competence in all five of the competitive disciplines (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breast Stroke, Freestyle and the IM). They will learn correct starts, turns and transitions. They will work on competitive elements of their swims to include pacing, sprinting and breathing correctly. The Green Teams will also combine elements of games or activities to promote the lighter side of the sport. Both Green Team members are encouraged to make as many practices as possible.

Dragons Team (Middle School)

This is the Middle School team for grades 6-8, age groups 10-14, with grade 5 by invitation.The Dragons Team builds on the work in the Green Teams, developing stronger and fitter swimmers for the much longer distances at this level. Our older students work on aerobic development, and learning a wider range of exercises during their drylands program. We do recommend that swimmers attend at least two practices for this group.
Regular participation and training is required at this level and meet attendance is highly recommended. 

Senior Team (High School)

This is the High School team for grades 9-12, age groups 15-18, with grade 8 by invitation.Further development of stroke technique and form. Advanced start and turn techniques taught as well as speed and pacing work. Drylands will accompany demanding sets in the pool which will encourage both aerobic and anaerobic development in the teens. Senior Team members are expected to come to training regularly and a minimum commitment of 2 practices is required throughout the year to be eligible for awards or lettering.

Drylands will be scheduled at the beginning of each practice. Drylands will be at least 15 minutes of work on the side of the pool doing strength, conditioning and flexibility exercises before the swimming session. Students are asked to wear their bathing suits and pull on shorts and t-shirt on top to work out. Students will also be suggested to attend the two scheduled sessions in the weightroom

Drylands will be age appropriate to the swim group.

Other Aquatic Programs offered:

Water Polo
Program Structure
•Focus on core skills and simple games tactics
•Differentiated practices for more and less able competitors
•Non-selective criteria for training and games
• Attendance at practice required for participation in games

Middle and Senior Team (Grades 7-12)

This program gives upper middle school and high school students the opportunity to learn this fast paced sport in the water. The school is well resourced with equipment. The students will be taught the main scholastic rules and regulations as well as simple tactics and positional play

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