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Welcome to the Green Dragons!

We are a voluntary team of swimmers located in the South-Eastern part of Shanghai.  We have part time coaches and student coaches and deliver a program of practices throughout the week at our pool facility at SCIS on Hengqiao Road.  

We are founding members of Shanghai Swim League, and also members of ACAMIS. We are also authorized centres for and can run programs through the American Red Cross, and Royal Lifesaving Australia. Each of these organizations have rules to follow and as such we are obliged to ensure that our programs meet the high standards of each of these organizations.

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About the Program

Here are the important items to keep in mind and do before the season starts:

  • Parent Meeting — August 26, 2016
  • If you do not attend the Parent Meeting, the notes will be available online
  • Spirit Swimming clothing orders are due by September 8, 2016. The second date will be January 2017 (TBA). 
  • Registration forms must be turned in at the beginning of the season, including returning swimmers.
  • Practice starts second week of school for the Senior Team, late August for Dragons and early September for both Green Team 1 & 2.
  • Now would be a good time to drag out the swim bag and make sure you have goggles and practice swim suits. Extra goggles are always a good plan.

During the season, there are ‘HOME’ meets, ‘AWAY’ meets and ‘TRAVEL’ meets. Home meets are at our pool, and we generally expect all swimmers to attend, if they are eligible. Parents should inform coaches if they are not going to be in attendance. ‘AWAY’ meets are SSL or invitational meets in the city. These are optional, but students should try to attend one per semester. ‘TRAVEL’ meets are by invitation or qualification, one per semester and are an opportunity to travel with the Green Dragons to a foreign country. Finally ‘CHAMPIONSHIP’ meets are by selection. Coaches will inform you directly. Most meets require registration – see the meet registration link.

At practice, you should bring your bathing suit, a swimming cap and something to keep wet things in. We have limited spare items at the pool, and cannot guarantee we will have the right size or fit. Poolside shoes are recommended. Water bottle is required for each practice.  You are welcome to provide your own or we have water bottles for sale.  There is water available to fill bottles on poolside.  

Team communication is through the newsletter twice a month and the team website. You can also email your coach, or the head of aquatics for general enquiries. Parents are not normally permitted during practice as they are a distraction, however they can observe the last 15 minutes of the practice from the bleachers. It is policy that parents must sign in and register when they arrive. Also, parents must not interfere with the coaching or talk to the coaches while they are working with your kids.

Our program specifics can be found under the Program Overview tab, but in general:

Green Team 1 (competitive) 7-11 years old

Green Team 2 (intermediate) 7-11 years old

Dragons Team (Middle School, + grade 5 by invite) 10-14 years old

Senior Team (High School, + grade 8 by invite) 15-18 years old

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General Team Policies


Our team is run by and staffed by volunteers.  Everything from concessions, meet staff and coaching is given freely and we need the support of all team members to make it happen.  Please give what you can when you can so that we can make this the best experience for your children.  

Student behaviour

Our pool is our own, and we expect our students to treat it well.  Needless to say, behaviour in the changing areas and pool must be appropriate, and any deviation will result in possible suspension or expulsion from the team, and suitable consequences from school administration.  Prohibited behaviours include, but are not limited to vandalism, inappropriate behaviour towards a team mate, taking inappropriate pictures, theft, dangerous behaviour, abusive or derogatory language, entering the wrong changing room, or assault.


We are grateful that our parent community is very generous with time and baked goods and like to support the work of the team.  We love to meet you and talk about your kids progress in their swimming.  Please respect the coaching environment and only observe the last 15 minutes of your child's lesson.  Parents are not permitted in the changing areas next to the pool.  Parents are asked not to approach the coaching staff while they are coaching on pool side, but to wait for a changeover point.  Parents must follow school facility rules while they are present on school grounds, including the need to check in with reception prior to entering the pool area.  While observing a swimming class, parents must not distract their child from their lesson, as it is detrimental to their child and the other children in the class.  

When things go wrong

In the first instance it is always better to speak it over with the coach or adult concerned first, outside of earshot of the students.  If you are not satisfied, you can write to the head of aquatics in the next instance, and they will investigate the matter further and report back, normally within 72 hours.  Finally, if you are still not satisfied with the outcome, you may approach a member of the administration team to further follow up.  It is important that you follow these three steps, as administration will simply ask you whether you have completed one and two and the process will be elongated while they conduct the steps of one and two.  


Buses are provided by the school to your home bus stops.  Buses are also provided for all scheduled swimming competitions.  It is important that you keep us notified of whether you will be riding the bus or not.  Buses will not have a bus monitor on them, and will not wait for students.  Failure to keep us notified, and we will end up wasting bus resources on providing buses for no students, which will in turn result in the team being charged for buses.  

Team and Parent Events

Throughout the swim year, there will be parent only and swim group events organised. Please support them if you can as it is an important part of our swim community.

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Meet Policies for all SCIS Swim Team Swimmers (local/shanghai meets)

Entry into meets

All meet entry must be done through the website.  From 2014/15 paper entries or emailed entries will not be accepted.  Entries after the deadline has passed cannot be accepted.

Meet fees

Must be paid on time to the Head of Aquatics at the pool. After entering in the meet (by declaring electronically that you will attend), all fees must be paid regardless of whether swimmer attends.

Bus Riders

Must be at the bus stop no later than 10 minutes before the departure time.  Bus riders must follow all posted bus rules and wear their seat belts.  Bus monitors are not provided on all buses, but bus routes have older students/experienced swimmers who can help with getting younger students to the pool safely.  Parents are responsible for getting students to the correct bus at the bus stop on time. 

Leaving the meet

No swimmer is to leave the meet at any time without first telling their coach.         At the end of the meet, all swimmers must see the coaching staff before leaving
Parents are reminded not to remove students from the group during the meet – coaches need to be able to find swimmers.  This means that although you are present, you are there as a supporter not as a parent.  If you need to remove your child from the activity, first talk to one of the coaching staff.

As normal parents must restrict their movements to designated areas, and to not interfere with the duties of the organising team

Every swimmer should know their parent’s telephone number – we will have a master contact list, but send your child with it

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Championship/Travel Meets

Championship meets

Championship Meets happen three times a year (SSL Championships, ACAMIS and Long Course).  Each of these meets will be open only to swimmers who have made the required times at an eligible meet, and who are regular attenders at practice.

 Travel Meets

These follow SCIS general travel meet policies with a few specifics below.  All travel meet communication will be delivered both electronically and on paper at practice.  Parents will be required to submit physical documentation before students can travel with the team.  Normally to be considered for travel meets, the swimmer must qualify to attend the championship meets so as to demonstrate the ability to travel and stay with the team.  Coaches have final say on whether a swimming will join the travel swim team.

Travel arrangements
All students to ride the train/flight as specified. This information will be sent by travel trip organiser once intent to travel form has been received.  The team is not responsible for arranging flights for parents or chaperones.  Local travel arrangements will be organised for coaches and swimmers.  Parents can travel on local bus service if there is space available.

Hotel and Rooming arrangement
Students will be rooming in pairs. General hotel policies and procedures include restrictions on leaving the hotel, restrictions on mixed genders in rooms, restrictions on the sharing of adults and children, restrictions on use of alcohol or banner substances. These rules are laid out in the current SCIS travel form that parents and swimmers must sign prior to traveling.  Coaches will perform room checks periodically in the evenings and mornings to ensure that swimmers are in compliance with all rooms.  

Travel meet costs will be communicated as soon as they are known.  Costs normally include food, flights, hotels, meet entry fees, coaching team costs and local transportation.  All trips are run at a cost neutral basis and any large excess will be returned to families (smaller amounts will be put towards general team funds)

Students will sign travel and expectations document prior to going
Staff are responsible for organization and conduct of students while on the trip.
Students are expected to stay with the group at all times.
Parents are welcome to attend team dinners but are not required. All student-athletes are required to attend team events during and after the meet. Student-athletes are not permitted to follow separate schedules or plans when competing with SCIS Pudong.

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We are a 100% for our swimmers team.  All money raised goes back into the program.  We are supported by SCIS Pudong as we are a school sponsored activity but we do raise a little extra through concessions.  This goes towards financing end of year celebrations and senior night activities.  Our income/expenses are managed jointly by our coaching staff and our parent executive committee for dual oversight. Our intention as a team is to break even at the end of the swimming year.

At times we will request payment for meet fees, travel fees and clothing fees.  Once you declare that you are planning on attending or requiring clothing, we operate an honour system with our families where we will proceed with your request, and expect that money will be sent in to cover those expenses.  Money can be given to any coach who will deposit it with the Treasurer of the swim team (a parent volunteer).  We prefer that money is in an envelope with the swimmers name on the outside.

In the event that there is an outstanding balance on an account, we will initially contact the family, followed by school administration.  Failure to pay can result in your child being prevented from participating in an activity, receiving an award or traveling with the team. Persistent non-payment is grounds for exclusion from the team.

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Promotion (Green Team to Dragons Team)

We are pleased to extend the opportunity of training with the middle school (JAG) team to your son or daughter. We have evaluated them this week at practice and feel that having additional higher level training would benefit their overall development in swimming.

Please note the following points:

  1. The Dragons Team trains from 3:15pm until 4:30pm
  2. They train Tuesday (optional), Wednesday and Friday
  3. It is expected that promoted swimmers maintain at least 2 practices per week to ensure that they can keep pace with the rest of the training group - please contact your coach if this may be an issue.
  4. They will ride home on the upper school activities buses which normally depart at 4:45pm, but may depart as late as 5:30pm depending on the needs of the upper school programme. Where possible changes to the bus schedule will be notified to parents
  5. There is no bus Ayi present on the upper school activity buses.
  6. Dragons Team swimmers are eligible for travel meets, but their parent must attend if they are in Lower School. This policy is highlighted in the literature that goes home to parents.
  7. Lower School swimmers will be eligible for promotion (by times) to Dragons Team but the stipulations below still apply to them.

SCIS Pudong coaches reserve the right to return elementary students to their age appropriate training group under any of the following circumstances:

  1. Behaviour issues on the buses, or issues getting to the buses on time
  2. Behaviour issues at practice, in the locker room or on poolside
  3. Poor attendance at the upper school practice, or repeated ‘no-swim suit’ issues
  4. Poor behavior at any travel swim meet
  5. Changes in middle school swimming numbers. If the number of middle school swimmers increases, then we may have to alter this arrangement for lower school swimmers. We must balance the training load between each of our training groups.

We hope that you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity and we look forward to welcoming your swimmer to the Dragons Team. The Dragons Team coach is Mr. Thomas who will explain the expectations more when you are at practice. Please note that we cannot make this change until we receive a complete acknowledgement from parents.

I require that you send an email acknowledgement that you have

  1. Received this form
  2. Agree to all of the terms
  3. Inform us of the training days you will attend (as we will have to arrange busing)
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