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Parent Volunteers

Our swim team is a voluntary team supported by the work of the coaches, the parents and of course our swimming kids. We cannot do it without the generous support of parents.

How can you help?

SwimCommitteam 2016-2017 

We have some dedicated and generous parents who have stepped up to chair a committee this year.

Contact Liaison: Katie Berkaw (

Apparel Order: Katia Ronot (

Team Historian: Jude Barrett (

Volunteer Coordinator: Megan Condon ( 

Volunteer Coordinator: Lia Purnamawati (

Volunteer at a meet

We ask that parents sign up to volunteer or provide baked goods for home meets. We use SignUpGenius and our Volunteer Coordinators will be in touch to ask you for your preference and time slot.


The team is happy to be supported by our community of parents. If you think you may have something that we might need to make our programs better, or to make meets more efficient, please let one of the coaches know. Also, if you know of any businesses that may wish to advertise at one of our meets, please let us know. Food and drinks are sold at all major swim meets that we host. Your contributions of food, drinks, and supplies provide the products that we sell. All proceeds benefits the swim team.  We are a not for profit organization, that invests 100% of all money in our programs.

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Meet Positions Available

Meet Director: Coach Tarsi Bali

SCIS Coaches: Coach Thomas, Coach McGrady



1 Post AM 1 Post PM

Ensure the correct starting sequence is applied for the type of race. Keep to the time schedule specified in the program. Ensure all starts comply with published starting rules. Supervise and adjudicate relay changeovers

Stroke & Touch Judge

2 Posts per session – AM and PM

Ensure that swimmers use legal strokes as per published stroke rules and complete the length of each swim legally. Stroke and touch judges will also be responsible, in conjunction with the starter for relay changeovers.


2 posts – AM and PM

Provides the voice of the meet. You will announce the events and the participants in each heat, along with any other pertinent information as needed. An announcer is needed for each session. Begin 1 hour prior to start of competition.

Awards- Poolside and Medal/Ribbon

6 posts – AM and PM (2 in office, 1 on poolside)

This is a job for someone who likes to keep things orderly. To work with awards, you will take results from the Computer Operator or Results Runner, and organize ribbons and trophies for distribution. Begin at start of competition. This job not available for April or October Senior meet since we do not hand out award for these meets.

Head Timer:

1 Post AM 1 Post PM

The head timer helps to coordinate the lane timers and provides a third watch time for the heat winner and maintains an extra stopwatch in case equipment or operator error requires a back-up watch. Begin 20 minutes prior to competition.

Lane Timers-1 per lane

6 Posts AM 6 Posts PM + 2 relief

Primary duty is to operate a stopwatch and electronic back-up button. Lane Timers serve as the secondary and tertiary back up to the primary (electronic pad) timing system. At our home meets, we will supply all of the timers. One or two additional timing slots are often offered for people to serve as relief timers or to cover no-shows from our team or other teams. A timers meeting usually takes place about 30 minutes before meet start time. New timers don’t need to shy away from this signup as we will combine a more experience timer with a new timer.

Poolside Marshall

One Posts AM and PM

When meet sessions include younger swimmers, often a clerk of course is used to line up the swimmers and assist them with getting into the proper lanes. Begin 30 minutes prior to competition.

Lane Runner and Results Runners

One Post AM and One Post PM

Will pick up lane timer sheets and deliver them to the computer office, post results outside the pool deck, and carry out other such duties as needed. This is a good job for a responsible young person. Begin at start of competition.


Computer Operator & Timing Judge: (one relief needed each session to cover toilets breaks so meet is continuous)

3 Posts AM 3 Posts PM

Will run the Meet Manager software—check touch pads, make sure pads are “talking to the timing system, importing times, printing results/awards labels, etc.

The Timing Judge checks print-off and lane sheets to verify times in the system When there is a disparity or no time registered, the timing judge adds the time manually to the comuter.

This job does need training and understanding of the meet software. We accept trainees

Daktronic Timing Operator

1 Post AM 1 Post PM

This person will operate the timing console SWAT meets use the Daktronic timing console unit and is available for anyone who would like to learn the timing system. Begin 1 hour prior to competition.

Sound and Music

1 Post AM/PM

Create a playlist and supervise volume levels throughout the morning.

Black Box

Meet Marshal

1 post AM + 1 Post PM (plus 1 floater each time)

From warm-ups until the session ends, you will be ensuring that the swimmers, coaches, and spectators adhere to certain standards of safe behavior. Begin 15 minutes prior to warm-up. You will also be responsible for marshaling in the blackbox bull pen area for the meet, and moving them through the pre-marshaling area to poolside marshaling.


3 Posts AM session
3 Posts PM session

As the name implies, this involves selling and/or preparing food. Please observe the start and end times of these work sessions as they may be different from the beginning and end times of the actual meet sessions.

Coaches’ Check-in & then Coaches’ hospitality/Meet Volunteer hospitality

One Post – AM One Post - PM

Before and during the very first session of a meet, we will need someone to monitor the coaches’ check-in table. The coaches must sign-in and pay meet fees.

You will present them with their coaches packets and collect any outstanding balances if their club still owes money. Begin 30 minutes prior to warm-up. After 9am, coaches concession area stocking with coffee food and drinks. Also bringing drinks to timers, marshals and computer staff

Set up and break down

3 posts Friday PM
3 posts Saturday PM

Set-up And Decorations Committee

We will need a certain number of persons to assist with set-up on the evening or early morning prior to the meet—decorating, setting up the lobby, hospitality area, concessions area, and pool and testing the equipment so that all will be ready when the meet begins the next day. Consult the Volunteer Sign-up co-ordinator Set-up start times. Additionally, we need some people to set up equipment on each morning of the meet, prior to warm-ups.


At the conclusion of meets, we need folks to assist with returning the facility to its pre-meet condition. Begin at end of meet. Additionally, we need two people to do some clean-up after each meet day, during the meet, (begins an hour before the day's last session ends and continues until that session is over and clean-up tasks fulfilled).


Depending on the type of meet, we may have additional jobs available, plus a few backup floaters who are willing to jump in to help if we have no shows. These are just very general job descriptions. 

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