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Archived Email Communications

Archived Email Communications

Please see below for archives of important email communications from Coach Tarsi to the team, from recent to oldest. 

Shanghai Community International School

SCIS-PD Swimming 2017-2018 “Go Green Dragons” AQUATICS COORDINATOR: TARSI BALI

Cell number: +86-186-2194-2070 e-mail:


Dear SCIS-PD Prospective Swim Families,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 SCIS-PD swim family! I am very excited to have your child on the team this year. I would like to highlight some important information before the season kicks off for families interested in registering their child for swim.

If you are interested in registering your Lower School (LS) student for swimming this year, you may register your child through the After School Activities (ASA) registration link our school sent out on August 18. Once students are registered through the ASA link, parents will need to register their child a second time on SwimTopia. For Middle School (MS) and High School (HS) students, registration can be completed through Coach Bali or through our team website SwimTopia ( without the need to register via the ASA link.

Please note, our first official swim sessions are listed below for each respective team: Lower School, Middle School, and High School. Please make sure you follow the swim practice schedule corresponding to your child’s appropriate team. New swimmers will be notified of their appropriate team after the students have registered and tested. An explanation and description of each of our swim teams can be found on SwimTopia (

As an additional note, please find below the team acceptance policy, which is also found in the registration form in SwimTopia:

Team Acceptance
SCIS Pudong is a non-selective swimming program open to students currently enrolled in educational programs at SCIS. Students must be at least grade 3 (7 years old) to participate in programs. As a competitive swim program, students must attend all home meets and at least one other meet throughout the whole swim year. Students must try to make two practices per week to keep improving in their skills. Coaches have final say on whether new swimmers meet criteria for joining, based on their current swimming ability. This is not a learn to swim program.

Green Team (Lower School) Practice Schedule

  • On the first day of practice, LS swimmers will receive a short swim test in order to qualify to participate on the Green Team (competitive). For swimmers to be eligible to compete, they must
  • be enrolled as a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader, AND must have passed the Level 3 Stroke Development test either during their most recent swim unit in PE class, or during the first day of swim practice. In addition, the 25 m freestyle must be completed in 30 sec or less. Students wishing to join the team, but do not meet the basic standards the program has put forth, should join a Learn to Swim program and not the Swim Team. One coach is not able to manage both groups of swimmers

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    within a practice (competitive and non-competitive). Moreover, the SCIS swim team is not meant to cater to swimmers who are still learning how to swim. Simply put, the program does not accept non-competitive swimmers, because the program does not have enough staff members to support them. This policy is no different than any other swim program within the SSL.

  • Swim classes last for approximately 6 weeks. Swimmers can re-register for the following quarter.
  • We will practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:10 to 3:50. Please be dressed and ready to go by 3:10 in order to maximize swimming time. The 4:05 activities bus will take you to a drop off point near your home after practice.
  • Dragons Team (Middle School Competitive) Practice Schedule

  • We will practice every Wednesday and Friday from 3:15 to 4:30. Please be dressed and ready to go by 3:15 in order to maximize swimming time. The 4:45 activities bus will take you to a drop off point near your home after practice.
    • Select Tuesdays we may have optional practices. These are helpful as we encounter learning needs throughout the season – other important conflicts will take precedent over these sessions and students will be given one week notice if these become available.
  • Senior Team (High School +G8 by Invite) Practice Schedule

  • We will practice every day Monday-Friday. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3:15 to 4:30. Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30-6:00. Please be dressed and ready to go by 3:15 and/or 4:20 in order to maximize swimming time. The 4:45 and/or 6:10 activities bus will take you to a drop off point near your home after practice.
  • For your convenience, I am also including a suggested list of all swim meets scheduled for this season below. Please be sure to pay close attention to the location of each meet, as this often creates the most confusion for both parents and swimmers. I will also send out email reminders reminding you of upcoming swim meets throughout the course of the year.

    Any changes to this schedule will be communicated by me and the students’ respective coaches. All parents, families, and friends are encouraged to come to the meets to cheer on the Dragon swim team. Our season will conclude with the SSL Long Course that will take place either on May 5th or May 12th. More information regarding the meets will be sent your way, as I get it.

    Due to our low swim number this year, all swimmers are expected to try to attend as many swim sessions as possible – if there is an issue that arises during the season, the swimmer should make me aware as soon as possible. This is especially important as it pertains to swim meets.

    October 14-15 - SCIS Hongqiao (All grade levels)
    November 9 - Turkey Trot (inter squad meet, SCIS Pudong, all grade levels)

    December 2 - Dulwich Minhang- Long course (The meet is taking place in 50m pool, all grade levels)

    February 3 - BISS Puxi

    March 3 or 10 - SSL Championships (Shanghai Swim League, Shanghai, Shanghai American School, all grade levels)

    March 23-24 - ACAMIS
    April 14 - East West Spring Sprints (Dulwich Shanghai)

    May 5 or 12 - Rocket Science SSL long Course Shanghai (Shanghai Swim League, Shanghai. The meet is taking place in 50m pool, all grade levels)

    May 26th, SCIS Pudong BBQ

    I will be acting as the Green Team swim coach this season, as well as serving as the SCIS- Pudong Aquatics Coordinator. Coach Mount will serve as the Dragons Team Head Coach, and Coach McGrady will be our Senior Team Head Coach. Our goals this season will be to maximize student athlete engagement, teach foundational swim skills, and promote a spirit of fair play and enthusiasm for the sport.

    We have four goals for the Dragon swim team this year.

    Four Goals:
    1. We will always act with class and integrity. We will always represent our families, our school and ourselves with pride. This means that we will never talk poorly to a member of the opposition or swim official. We will practice good sportsmanship at all times. Profanity
    and ‘mean’ words will never be tolerated. We will carry ourselves with class at all times, remembering that are actions represent our school, and our team.
    2. We will always work as a team. No member of the team is considered more important than any other. Nationality, age, prior experience or ability do not matter. We will always work as one unit. We cannot succeed as a team without every one of our members.
    3. We will focus on improving our skills and learning about the sport. That means each swimmer must give 100% at and try their best during practice and meets. We will measure success by our improvement and growth as individual participants and as a team.
    4. Fun, fun, fun. It is important to remember why we play sports. It is because we have fun doing so. Winning can be a goal, but having fun while improving makes us all winners.

    In short – have fun, compete and improve. It is important to note that all levels of Shanghai Swim League acknowledges that swimming is valuable for all children, and feels that this is the best way to ensure continued development of everyone wishing to be involved.

    Transportation for the swim meets will follow the same format/procedures as other SCIS ASA sports; after each swim session and/or meet the school will provide bussing to the nearest ASA drop-off location to your home. Any questions about school transportation can be directed to the SCIS Transport Coordinator; Mr. Stu Ren

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    Our swim team is a voluntary team supported by the work of the coaches, the parents and of course our swimming kids. We cannot do it without the generous support of parents. We have some dedicated and generous parents who have stepped up to chair a committee this year.

    Contact Liaison: Katie Berkaw (
    Apparel Order: Katia Ronot (
    Volunteer Coordinator: Paul Van Eyk (
    Volunteer Coordinator: Lia Purnamawati (

    As a swimmer parent please make sure that you volunteer for our team at least 4 hours of personal work.

    If I missed anything, or you have any questions, the best way to reach me is via
    email If you need immediate communication, please text, or call me at 186 2194 2070. Questions pertaining to registration, practice times, dates of meets, or any other non- urgent matters, need to be communicated via my school email address. If you cannot get a hold of me, and require immediate attention, you may contact Coach Vic at Last year, I created WeChat groups to increase communication between swim families. Please avoid any communication with me through the WeChat group, especially during non-working hours and weekends. General questions need to be communicated via my school email address. Questions directed to me on WeChat will not be responded to. If you wish to use WeChat as a matter of convenience, please refer aquatics related questions to our contact liaison Ms. Katie Berkaw. Specific questions related to the MS or US swim teams need to be addressed to the teams’ coaches (Coach Mount MS coach and Coach McGrady US coach).

    Finally, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to coach your swimmer. I look forward to a fun and productive swim season.

    Tarsi Bali

    Lower School Physical Education/Aquatics Coordinator

    SCIS - Pudong Campus
    198 Hengqiao Road, Zhoupu, Pudong, Shanghai, China 201318 Phone: +86-21-5812-9888 Ext. 6660
    Mobile: +86-186-2194-2070 - Email:

    “Go Green Dragons” 

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