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Overseas Trips

SCIS Travel Meets

SCIS X travel team visits two overseas meets per year.  These meets are open to swimmers who have previously traveled to, and qualified in either of the championship meets (ACAMIS, SSL LC or SSL Cup) or made pre-requisite times and have demonstrated maturity, regular attendance at practice and meets, and a willingness to travel with the team.  General team policies apply with regard to training groups.

Travel meet policies are already listed in the team handbook.  Coaches will have the final decision whether a swimmer will travel with the team overseas, and the Head of Aquatics will review the list prior to any confirmation of travel plans.

Thanyapura Thailand - RSS Long Course Invitational, organized by Thanyapura SC

Shanghai Air:

Pudong/Phuket FM831 2115/0110+1

Phuket/Pudong FM832 0210/0740

27th-29th March (meet dates)
Travel 25th- 31st March as a team (arriving back tuesday am 740)

Cost in 2014 - around 8000 RMB.  (2015 Cost - 7800)
Family (non-swimmer cost) was around 4500 for flights and 2000 for hotel.
Included in cost was flights, hotel, transport, one 'activity day' and airport connections.  Not included was food.

Family travel options -
a) swimmer travels with team/leaves with team.  No family
b) swimmer and family travels with team/leaves with Team on Tuesday
c) swimmer and family travels with team/leaves on own flight on Saturday (or other)

April Travel Meet  - Mantas Date 18-19 April
travel dates 17-19(20) inclusive

2013 Cost - 4600 RMB (included all costs)
Swimmer travels with the team on Thursday/returns on Sunday
Anticipated cost 2015 - 4600

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