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2016 ACAMIS Selections

Our main championship meet is the ACAMIS swim championships in Suzhou, China

The rules for team selection is that we are taking our fastest 6 boys and fastest 6 girls in each age category to represent the Green Dragons. 

The trip is a Thursday departure by train from Shanghai to Suzhou, and 2 nights in a hotel in Nanjing.  The school pays 700 RMB per child and we ask parents to pay 1000 RMB to cover food, transport and lodgings for the trip.  All money is paid to the coaches, as some is paid locally for trains and some is wired directly.  We will assist parents accompanying the trip with planning their hotel rooms, and transportation on the train, but cannot help you with transportation in Nanjing. 

Lower school swimmers attending ACAMIS are generally on the JAG team.  However, we are requesting that lower school swimmers traveling with the team are accompanied by an adult chaperone (their parent) whilst in Suzhou.  They will still be a part of the team and take part in all team activities, but their parent is responsible for them at night, and is also responsible for securing a suitable hotel room for them during the meet.  Parents accompanying the trip will have to sign an additional form explaining their roles and responsibilities as a chaperone and as a specific lower school swim parent.  Parent supporters who are not lower school swim parents, and not chaperones are welcome to attend as cheer leaders for the team, and are exempt from forms.

Current Championship Team Make-up:

15 and Older Boys:

Team Captain:  Sandra Rautavuori  Passport√  Form√  payment√
Joseph Barrett  

Alex Castillo
Eaton Huang

15 and Older Girls

Maya Moreau    Passport√  Form√

Sandra Rautavuori    Passport√  Payment√  Forms√

Jaden Deneef
Alessia Minatta

13-14 Boys

Keith Leung
Timothy Yuen

13-14 Girls

Julianne Castillo
Izzy Johnston
Kyoka Oshima
Sammie Yee

11-12 Boys

Jeffry Leung
Nicholas Tan

11-12 Girls

Sarah Castillo
Sophie Johnston
Maddie Yee
(Moa Hornell)

9-10 Boys
Leo Ronot

9-10 Girls
Keira Berkaw  forms √ payment √

Athena Huang
Christina Stassforth

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